Projection Mapping footage from Amon Tobin's : ISAM show at the Music Box last year.  This is some of the most spectacular video footage I've ever seen. 


This was an editing test project that I worked on to teach me the basic UI of Sony Vegas.  Using photos from Burning man 2010, and it became a labor of love project that took months to finish. 


Dystopian Weekend III was an awesome crazy and wild time out in the desert for my friend Kevin Flints birthday, all the guns and explosions in the video are real.



Redscroll Records is the best indie music store on the east coast.  In Wallingford, CT and one of my best friends in the Co+owner here is a commercial I shot for his store.  


I shot this footage at Burning Man 2006 and last year I upped the resolution to 720p.   This was one of the most amazing large pieces of art I've seen in my lifetime, and I believe this may be the only HD footage of this mesmerizing event.



Some of the craziest video footage you'll ever see, ever....